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Margaret Thatcher

Remarks arriving at Moscow Airport (IRA bomb at Deal)

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Venue: Moscow
Source: Thatcher Archive: COI transcript
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0020 local time.This item was characterised in error as a "Written Statement" in the Oxford CD-ROM. It was clearly delivered orally.

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Prime Minister

We heard of the terrible outrage on the aircraft shortly after we had left Tokyo. Of course, we were deeply upset and concerned.

We have now had the full report and it would seem that eleven people have died and there are fourteen injured, which is a deeply serious outrage.

Tom King has been down there and sent me the full report.

I would like to express our very great sorrow for the people concerned and all of those relatives. It will be a time of great sadness and grief for them.


What is your message to the Marine Corps tonight?

Prime Minister

We feel very much for them. The moment they said that the explosion had been in Deal I immediately said that we had the Royal Marine Band there. We just feel for them and with them. [end p1]

There is nothing more that I can say. Tom King has reported the facts to me and every possible step will be taken that can be taken.

I would also say that the Speaker of the Supreme Soviet expressed his sympathy to me the moment I landed about this outrage.