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Margaret Thatcher

Letter to US President (Ronald Reagan) ("you stood for all that is best in America")

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Venue: No.10 Downing Street
Source: Thatcher Archive
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Dear Ron.

As you leave office, I wanted simply to say thank you. You have been a great President, one of the greatest, because you stood for all that is best in America. Your beliefs, your convictions, your faith shone through everything you did. And your unassuming courtesy was the hallmark of the true and perfect gentleman. You have been an example and an inspiration to us all.

We also thank Nancy for all the warmth and support which she has given you, as well as for her own very special contribution in the war against drugs.

Denis and I wish you both every happiness as you lay down your great burden.

We shall miss you both very much. Warm period regards. Yours sincerely Margaret Thatcher