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1988 Mar 19 Sa
Margaret Thatcher

Remarks on IRA lynching of Corporals Wood and Howes ("appalling savagery")

Document type: Speeches, interviews, etc.
Venue: Buxton, Derbyshire
Source: BBC Radio News Report 1800 19 March 1988
Editorial comments:

Probably early afternoon: MT arrived in Buxton at 1135 and left at 1455.

Importance ranking: Major
Word count: 137
Themes: Northern Ireland, Terrorism, Law & order

The Prime Minister was told of the murders while she was attending a Conservative conference at Buxton in Derbyshire. She said later that the killings were an act of “appalling savagery” - adding: “There seems to be no depths to which these people will not sink”. The Northern Ireland Secretary, Mr. Tom King, said that anyone who seeks proof of the evil that exists among terrorists need only look at the appalling pictures of these cold-blooded murders. He said that people capable of such barbarous and animal savagery have no place in any civilise society. Mr. King said that neither the Government nor the security forces will rest until the perpetrators are brought to justice - and he's called for a full and urgent report into the whole incident.