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Margaret Thatcher

Press Conference on INF Treaty (just signed)

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Venue: Outside No.10 Downing Street
Source: Thatcher Archive: COI transcript
Editorial comments: Around 2000. MT had just returned from a visit to the City Red Cross Christmas Bazaar at Guildhall.
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Prime Minister

I have just returned from a Red Cross Christmas bazaar and learned that the intermediate nuclear weapons agreement has been signed. It is very good news and I would like to be the first to congratulate President Reagan and Mr Gorbachev.

At one time, it looked as if we should never get the agreement complete then all of a sudden the difficulties were resolved, particularly over verification and here this evening we see the result. It is a marvellous Christmas present, just an extra piece of good will and a lovely way to end the year.

It is of course also the promise of other agreements to come because if this one can be negotiated, so can many others.

So congratulations on all sides on this wonderful result.


Prime Minister, could I just ask what about those who are worried that in some way NATO might try to circumvent what has been agreed today by increasing air-launched Cruise missiles, sea-launch missiles and so on?

Prime Minister

You cannot possibly circumvent an agreement. You have to act in accordance with that agreement. The agreement is on land-based intermediate missiles. Its directions are very clear. [end p1]


What do you think the possibilities of a 95%; cut are …   .?

Prime Minister

I am sorry I don't know about that.