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1986 Jul 27 Su
Margaret Thatcher

Speech opening World Chess Championships

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Document kind: Speech
Venue: Park Lane Hotel, Piccadilly, central London
Source: Thatcher Archive: speaking notes
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Editorial comments: Between 1945 and 2045.
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World Chess Championship 1986

Mr. Karpov

Mr. Kasparov

1. Honoured and happy that

contest takes place in London.

Fastest improving chess


Mr. Shevardnaze [sic] gave me a

chess set - blue.

2. Chess fascinating.


T. St.

Precision of thought.

An intuitive understanding

Quick wittedness

Tenacity - physical stamina


Pondered this list

Another Profession

We too make several

moves a day

Try to sense what moves

others will make

Your contest is limited

in time

We deal with unfinished



Above all

Know and understand the tension

Perhaps our warm

hospitality will help

to reduce that

And give you the friendliness &

understanding you will need

at times of relaxation