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1985 Dec 31 Tu
Margaret Thatcher

New Year Message

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Source: Conservative Newsline, January 1986
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We enter 1986 with the future looking good.

Britain is bouncing back. Instead of languishing at the bottom of the economic league table, we have worked our way to the top.

Against tough international competition, more and more British companies are now walking off with the prizes—and bringing jobs to Britain.

We are exporting far more goods and services than ever before and paying our way in the world. There is a resurgence of enterprise in Britain; and there are thousands of extra firms, and hundreds of thousands of extra jobs to prove it.

Of course there are still difficulties. This Government has always had the courage to face up to problems—whether Northern Ireland, the inner cities, crime and violence, and job-creation—and we will go on doing so.

But there are too many politicians who latch on to problems and ignore our successes. They talk Britain down.

Why don't they back the achievements of the British people?

Let's back those companies, management and workforce, who are breaking all export records.

Let's back those trade unionists who, instead of striking and bringing their company to a standstill, vote to stay in work.

Let's back the men and women of enterprise who have the get-up-and-go to start up in business on their own.

To them, this Government says: “The best of British luck—and we'll help you all we can” .

Let's back those in the public services who—while a disruptive minority steals the headlines—carry on working quietly and effectively.

Let's back the police who maintain law and order and who deserve the backing of every law-abiding citizen. Above all, let's back Britain and take pride in our success.

These are the achievements of the British Government and British people working in partnership: a Government which stands firm for freedom so that people can do the best for themselves, their families and their country.

I believe that there is a return to clear beliefs and traditional values:

• that the law must be upheld

• that personal effort and enterprise are better than State interference

• that we are neighbours as well as individuals and we all have a responsibility for our fellow-citizens.

There lies the hope for the future.