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Margaret Thatcher

TV Interview for Indian TV (visiting Sri Lanka)

Document type: Speeches, interviews, etc.
Venue: ?British Residence, New Delhi
Source: Thatcher Archive: COI transcript
Journalist: Nanesh Malhoura, Indian TV
Editorial comments:

The time and place of the interview is not recorded in MT’s appointment diary but it was probably at the British Residence before 0800 when MT left to lay a wreath at Mrs Gandhi’s Samadhi.

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Word count: 334
Themes: Foreign policy (Asia), Terrorism, Race, immigration, nationality

Nanesh Malhoura, Indian TV

Madam Prime Minister, this is your second visit to India since Rajiv Gandhi became prime minister. Would you like to say something about your visit here and your talks with Mr. Rajiv Gandhi yesterday?

Prime Minister

Thank you very much. I was very pleased when the Rajiv GandhiPrime Minister invited me to Delhi, to come and have talks with him, and very kindly, he and Mrs. Gandhi gave us a dinner last evening.

We had very friendly and cordial talks. We discussed, I think, a number of things which would be of particular interest. We discussed the activities of some of the Sikh extremists in the United Kingdom. I know the deep concern this causes in India and I share that concern, and I want to make it clear that I believe the law must be upheld and that the government which I lead finds any activity which may increase the level of violence in India utterly unacceptable to us, and we will do everything we can to prevent those people from abusing the hospitality which my country has afforded to them.

We also talked, of course, about the Tamil problem. Again, may I make it clear that terrorism to me is utterly [end p1] abhorrent. It will never solve anything. It will only make matters worse; and I think that the only way in which a solution could be reached is by consultation with those willing to consult and reconciliation. I am sure that that is the way forward, against a peaceful background.

Naturally, with the big issues in the world, East-West relations, some of the big regional problems, we also spent some considerable time discussing those and then we dwelt on some bilateral issues; but I was very very pleased that I came and delighted to have the invitation, and we shall, of course, so very much hope to see Mr. Gandhi in London, perhaps on his way to the Commonwealth Conference - perhaps he will stay with us for some days. Thank you very much.