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Margaret Thatcher

TV Interview for BBC (re-elected MP for Finchley) [“Mrs Finchley”]

Document type: Speeches, interviews, etc.
Venue: Hendon Town Hall, London NW4
Source: BBC Sound Archive: OUP transcript
Journalist: Nicholas Witchell, BBC
Editorial comments: Around 0300?
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Themes: General Elections


And we go straight over to Finchley.

Nicholas Witchell

…is going to be claiming a very clear victory.


It is a clear victory, but perhaps the best place to claim it is not within one's own count, although one must mention it. I've gained tremendous strength from being member for this constituency. I enjoy it tremendously, but I'm very sensible of the honour that's been conferred upon the Conservative Party at what is really a historic election. To win again is a very great thing. And I mean very strongly that one does commence that second term of office with a sense of great responsibility and humility.

Nicholas Witchell

Some have expressed concern about the effects of a landslide victory, Mrs Thatcher.

Babble of voices.

Unidentified Man

Maggie! Five million and one more?


I'm trying to get a picture taken. Do you mind?


Oh, I see. Sorry.


It has been… I've been very interested watching the results coming and how varied they have been. And some people are very disappointed.


Well, Mrs Finchley—Mrs Finchley!—I'm terribly sorry, Mrs Thatcher! Mrs Thatcher of Finchley giving her first comments to Nicholas Witchell as she comes out of her count having successfully held that seat in Finchley. Her majority just about what it was last time round.