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Margaret Thatcher

Speech at lunch for Thai Prime Minister (1315-1440Z)

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Venue: No.10 Downing Street
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Themes: Foreign policy (Asia), Defence (Falklands), Trade

Delighted General PremThai Prime Minister and so many of his Cabinet have come to Britain.

Glad to have opportunity of adding own congratulations on 200th anniversary of Thai Royal Family and of establishment of Bangkok as capital.

Relations between our two countries have a long and friendly history, 1612 saw the first contact when the master of the British vessel ‘Globe’ remarked on the beauty and sophistication of the then capital Ayuthya. [end p1] In 1855 Thailand signed a commercial treaty with the UK—its first with a Western country.

Today, we see expanding trade and economic co-operation, as Thai economy develops impressively.

Pleased that General Prem has brought so many senior Thai businessmen with him.

Believe British firms have valuable role to play in Thailand's development—through trade and through investment.

Already see signs of this.

Shell have discovered oil in Thailand.

We all hope it will be a significant find. [end p2]

Davy Corporation has just concluded contracts for important role in major oil refinery expansion—TORC project.

(Good to see Sir John Buckley of Davy here.)

Contribution by UK consultants valuable also—E.G. study by Coopers and Lybrands of development of Eastern Seaboard of Thailand (C and L represented today by Professor Forster).

May trade in both directions continue to flourish and expand. [end p3]

But trade can only flourish in a peaceful world.

Welcome opportunity visit offers for discussions about international scene.

Our support for your attempt to find a peaceful and honourable solution to the crisis created by Vietnam's invasion and occupation of Cambodia demonstrates our concern for principle of self-determination and determination to resist aggression.

The parallel with Argentine invasion of Falklands not exact but close enough, and the principles at stake are the same.

Friends must and do support one another in their efforts to preserve the rule of international law

(Toast to The King of Thailand)