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1981 Jun 26 Fr
Margaret Thatcher

Remarks visiting Finchley (English shy of foreign languages)

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Venue: Finchley
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Editorial comments: 1545-1700 MT visited Pardes House School where she commented on her knowledge of foreign languages. Sitting in a French lesson she said of President Mitterrand "I understand he doesn’t speak any English. His English is about as good as my French. When you are talking about very complicated matters of state it is difficult enough to formulate ideas in your own language without translating it into another language. ... We English are very shy about speaking anyone else’s language and I think that when one goes to France it takes two or three days before the ear is attuned to the language" (Finchley Times, 2 July 1981). She went on to open a boutique for patients at Friern Hospital, where there was a demonstration of around 100 NHS workers protesting "cuts" and provisions of the Nationality Bill. MT praised the staff of the hospital for working under "very difficult conditions". "I have seen a lot of changes in the last twenty years and improvements and we do as a nation express ou
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