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1980 Dec 6 Sa
Margaret Thatcher

Remarks visiting Finchley (energy and an understanding banker)

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Venue: Finchley
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Editorial comments: 1130-1230. See Finchley Times, 11 December 1980. MT opened new squash courts in her constituency, likening squash to politics. She praised the club for raising the funds to build two new courts. "You have to keep your eye on the ball, the ball is fast moving and when it comes your way the’ve got to bash it hard .... You had a very old club but you realised you had to do something to give it a new lease of life. You had someone someone with a tremendous idea, a lot of people with tremendous energy and an understanding banker" (Finchley Times, 11 December 1980). Between 1240 and 1420 she attended the Silver Jubilee lunch of the Finchley Old People’s Welfare Committee.
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