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1980 Jul 12 Sa
Margaret Thatcher

Remarks visiting Finchley (creating a climate for business)

Document type: Speeches, interviews, etc.
Venue: Finchley
Editorial comments: 1100-1200 MT opened the new headquarters of a local company (V.A.T. Watkins), praising the company and its like for upholding her idea of private enterprise. "There is always a market for quality work and there is always a market for good value work. I wish there were far more people like you and it is my job to create a climate so that there can be" (Finchley Times, 17 July 1980). 1500-1630 she attended the annual Finchley Carnival - where she was the chief attraction - but neither local paper records a speech. She refused the gift of a candle effigy of the Leader of the Opposition, but took one of herself "on condition that it is for burning" (Finchley Times, 17 July 1980).
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