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1979 Oct 24 We
Margaret Thatcher

Speech presenting a trophy to Wakefield Boy Scouts

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Document kind: Speech
Venue: No.10 Downing Street
Source: Thatcher Archive: speaking notes
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Editorial comments: 1500. MT had to be in the House of Commons for the Rhodesia statement by 1530.
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Word count: 245
Themes: Foreign policy (development, aid, etc), Voluntary sector & charity

1. Delighted to welcome the 42nd Wakefield Pack to No. 10, especially as it is the International Year of the Child. An added pleasure to have you children in No. 10 as Mark Thatchermy own son and Carol Thatcherdaughter are now grown up.

2. You Cub Scouts and your Leaders represent much that I admire—initiative, enthusiasm, willingness to help each other and your communities.

3. The Wakefield Pack and 6,000 other Cub Scouts who have taken part in the Charity Washing-up Service have done a terrific job and have helped many in hospitals, old people's homes and others in the community. Notes by MT:

15 m. Scouts.

600,000 in Britain.

300,000 Cub Scouts.

A Cub Scout—always does his best, thinks of others before himself and does a good turn every day. Part of Scout Law. And to be a brother to all other Scouts. International Year of the Child.) [end p1]

4. The money which the Cub Scouts have raised through this competition (£25,000) will help the farmers of Nepal to buy seeds and sick children to be healed.

5. I congratulate you on winning this competition and have great pleasure in presenting this trophy to you on behalf of the Pack [Present trophy to boy No. 1] and this cheque [to boy No. 2].

Well done. Notes by MT:

Seeds for self-sufficiency—help will go to grow nutritious food crops. Save the Children's Village Health Centres).