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1979 Mar 5 Mo
Margaret Thatcher

Remarks visiting Daily Mail Ideal Home Exhibition

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Venue: Olympia, Earl’s Court, West London
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Editorial comments: 1215. MT’s next appointment was at 1400. The Daily Mail, 6 March 1979, has an account: "She presented the deeds to the 5,000th couple to buy a Greater London Council home. And she was delighted when she went inside a GLC "before and after" show house to see how a little imagination could turn a slum into a smart town house. ... "In real life you’d have to have a cupboard in the children’s room," she said. Mrs Thatcher said she wouldn’t mind a home like the show house with the living room consisting of two rooms knocked into one. But she firmly told GLC leader Horace Cutler: "I want low rates too, Horace".
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