Speeches, etc.

Margaret Thatcher

Remarks on food prices (red and blue shopping bags)

Document type: Speeches, interviews, etc.
Venue: Halifax Conservative Committee Rooms, 26 Prescott Street, Halifax, West Yorkshire
Source: Daily Telegraph, 25 April 1979
Journalist: Ann Morrow, Daily Telegraph, reporting
Editorial comments: Available on CD-ROM only. c1130-1150. MT was photographed holding high in her right hand a blue string bag labelled "February 1974", bulging with good things, and in her left hand a red string bag (labelled "Today"), slim and meagre in content. Each represented pound1 worth of shopping, at 1974 and 1979 prices. Daily Express, 25 April 1979: "If Labour had five more years I would only need an envelope to carry the shopping, so don’t let them lecture you on food prices". Glasgow Herald, 25 April 1979: "Labour has the worst record on prices and in knocking down the internal value of the pound of any Government in three centuries". We attempted to trace Anne Morrow in order to clear permission to reproduce this article but were unable to do so.
Importance ranking: Minor
Word count: 535
Themes: General Elections, Monetary policy, Labour Party & socialism