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1978 Oct 18 We
Margaret Thatcher

Remarks visiting Pontefract (by-election)

Document type: Speeches, interviews, etc.
Document kind: Remarks
Venue: Pontefract, West Yorkshire
Source: The Sun, 19 October 1978
Journalist: Martyn Sharpe, The Sun
Editorial comments: Exact time and place unknown.
Importance ranking: Trivial
Word count: 113
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Maggie stirs up sweet support

• Yummy! Tory leader Margaret Thatcher mixes a sweet recipe for success.

• She stirred up support when she visited a famous sweet factory yesterday.

• Mrs Thatcher asked one worker what was in a box, and he replied: “Gobstoppers. Would you care for one?”

• Despite the sweet talk Mrs Thatcher promised the workers that she would give Labour something to chew over at a local by-election next week.

• During her tour of the constituency at Pontefract, Yorks, Mrs Thatcher tried all sorts of sweets from Wilkinson's factory. She joked: “If I stay much longer I will put on weight.”