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1976 Apr 10 Sa
Margaret Thatcher

Speech to Ilford Conservatives

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Document kind: Speech
Venue: Ilford, Essex
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Editorial comments: Afternoon. The Ilford Recorder, 14 April 1976, has an account of MT’s four hour visit to the town. She toured a Dr Barnardo’s home (arriving forty five minutes late for her next appointment), describing it as one of the best she had ever seen. "The children are obviously very happy here, and it’s tremendous to see so many voluntary helpers". She spoke to party workers saying how thrilled she was to meet them ("I always am. We all like to feel we are part of a group working together".) She went on: "Here you have a crucial task. What happens in a General Election in Ilford shows what will happen in the country as a whole. If we win both Ilford seats, we will be well on the way to victory". "Mrs Thatcher’s pledge of support for the small businessman and the self-employed got cheers of support from the 300-strong audience. They were vital in the fight for a better future for Britain, she said".
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