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1976 Mar 8 Mo
Margaret Thatcher

Speech to Finchley Conservatives (Association AGM)

Document type: Speeches
Document kind: Speech
Venue: St. Mary’s Church Hall, Hendon Lane, Hendon
Source: Barnet Press, 12 March 1976
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Themes: Civil liberties, Conservative Party (organization), Foreign policy (general discussions), Foreign policy (USSR & successor states)

Solzhenitsyn is right, says MP

Alexander Solzhenitsyn 's warning that the West must take heed before it was too late was echoed by Finchley MP and Opposition Leader Mrs. Margaret Thatcher on Monday evening.

She was speaking at the annual meeting of the Finchley and Friern Barnet Conservatives in St. Mary's Church Hall, Hendon Lane, Church End Finchley. After mentioning Solzhenitsyn she criticised the Communist way of life and the reasons for this country's decline in world standing.

She said: “Wherever I go in the Western world people are anxious for Britain to be restored to her former greatness and standing. They find it difficult to believe we have slumped this low and have so little influence.”

In an attack on Marxism she said: “Their system has nothing to recommend it. It is a total denial of human freedom, everyone has to fall into the system. We have a higher standard of living in the Western world. Our great belief is equal rights before the law.”

She also criticised the Labour Government and claimed there had been a big swing to the Conservatives because of the “massive increase in bureaucracy and taxation.

But there was praise for the constituency association. “I want to thank everyone for the magnificent support the officers. Roy Langstone (agent) and all of you have given me. We have a job to do together,” she said.

After questions from the audience Mrs. Thatcher received a cheque for £5,177.52 from the association for party funds.

It was presented to her by Mr. Michael Stern who resigned as treasurer on Monday because of the responsibilities involved in his becoming prospective Parliamentary candidate for Derby South.

Chairman Cr. Norman Sapsted took the meeting because Mr. Henry Oppenheim was in hospital.

Officers re-elected, were: president, Mr. Henry Oppenheim ; vice-presidents, Mr. A. N. Baines , Mrs. Ena Constable , Mr. Alex Miller and Mr. Denis Thatcher ; chairman, Cr. Norman Sapsted ; deputy chairman, Mr. Ron Thurlow ; vice-chairman, Cr. John Tiplady and auditor Mr. J. G. Jackson .

Mr. Phil Williams was elected into the new office of vice-chairman for membership and Mr. Godfrey Philips was made treasurer.