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1975 Jul 2 We
Margaret Thatcher

Speech at Royal Show

Document type: Speeches
Document kind: Speech
Venue: Stoneleigh, Warwickshire
Source: Birmingham Post, 3 July 1975
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Editorial comments: Time uncertain. The Scotsman carried an additional paragraph: "Mr Wilson keeps talking about expansion without providing the requisite resources. There are going to be considerable difficulties for farmers this winter unless there is a statement in July, particularly about meat and livestock".
Importance ranking: Minor
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Themes: Agriculture, Pay, Public spending & borrowing, Labour Party & socialism

Food supply ‘is shoppers' concern’

Housewives were more concerned about steady food supplies than price increases, Mrs. Margaret Thatcher Leader of the Opposition, said at the Royal Show, Stoneleigh, yesterday.

“It is my belief that most housewives are more concerned that supplies should be kept up than they are about prices. They would pay a little more to have security of supply rather than shortages,” she said.

Mrs. Thatcher told reporters that the Government was forced to make public its ten per cent wage limit plan “in response to the falling pound before they had fully worked out what they are going to do. That is why there is a gap between the statement of intent and the White Paper next week.’

The Government's policy of public expenditure was “quite disastrous” and had landed the country in the position it was in now.