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1975 Feb 18 Tu
Margaret Thatcher

TV Interview for BBC (Shadow Cabinet)

Document type: Speeches, interviews, etc.
Venue: Unknown
Source: BBC Radio News Report 2200 18 February 1975
Journalist: Hardiman Scott, BBC
Editorial comments: Evening.
Importance ranking: Major
Word count: 258
Themes: Conservative Party (organization)

In an interview tonight, Mrs Thatcher said that among the factors that influenced her choice of people were the need to reflect the wide spectrum of opinion in the Party and to include regional interests. Our Political Editor, Hardiman Scott, put it to Mrs Thatcher: What about the Heath men who were dropped? [end p1]


Well I don't like talking about dropping them. If you're going to give new people a chance, then some of those who've had experience have to return to the backbenches. They've all been most kind and understanding about it and some of them are quite pleased that now they'll be able to speak on a much wider range of subjects than their own.


Are any of those that you have dropped going to be given jobs in your second eleven?


We're not talking about dropping them, I have in fact to add a second eleven but give me a little time. The present second eleven is continuing fairly well indeed and it does take time you know to make appointments with everyone, see them personally and have a word with them and tell them the kind of Shadow Cabinet and organisation one is thinking of running. [end p2]

Mr. Edward Du Cann isn't included in the Shadow Cabinet, despite speculation that he'd be Defence spokesman. But he said that he had discussed the question of a post with Mrs Thatcher, who, he fully supported. They both felt he could help her best in his role as Chairman of the Backbench 1922 Committee.