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Margaret Thatcher

Letter appealing for donations to Ross McWhirter Foundation

Document type: Speeches, interviews, etc.
Venue: House of Lords
Source: The Times, 5 December 1975
Editorial comments: MT was one of eleven signatories, headed by Lord Boyd. The others were Odette Hallowes, Rhodes Boyson, George Styles, Basil Place, Harold Abrahams, Michael Hooker, Anthony Berry, Ralph Harris and Norris McWhirter.
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Themes: Northern Ireland, Terrorism, Voluntary sector & charity

The Ross McWhirter Foundation

From Lord Boyd of Merton, OH, and others

Sir, In Ross McWhirter 's cruelly untimely death so many mourn a cherished friend and all concerned for personal freedom have lost an inspiring champion. While men and women in our land, whatever their beliefs, cannot speak their mind without fear of intimidation, let alone terrorists' guns, freedom is imperilled in the country which cradled it in the modern world.

A man of such fiercely-held and uncompromising convictions was bound to provoke disagreement in some quarters as well as strong approval in others. But we are appealing for support on a wholly non-political basis for the Ross McWhirter Foundation which will seek ways of encouraging outstanding personal initiative, leadership, courage and example in any aspect of human action.

The Foundation is being sponsored as an enduring memorial by a number of his friends drawn from some of the many activities he adorned with rare distinction.

We aim to devise imaginative forms of awards that will commemorate the qualities displayed to a unique degree in Ross McWhirter's life, and not least his unwavering personal dedication to independent action in maintaining, advancing and expounding the highest ideals of individual freedom within the law.

We invite donations to be sent to Lord Boyd at the House of Lords. Cheques, large and small, should be made payable to the Ross McWhirter Foundation. Yours faithfully, Boyd, Odette Hallowes, Rhodes Boyson, George Styles, Basil Place, Margaret Thatcher, Michael Hooker, Anthony Berry, Ralph Harris, Norris McWhirter, As from: House of Lords. December 4.