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1974 Dec 20 Fr
Margaret Thatcher

Remarks visiting Finchley (Rubens Shine home)

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Venue: Finchley
Source: Finchley Times, 2 January 1975
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Editorial comments: Afternoon, leaving at 1545.
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Mrs Thatcher calls again

Mrs Margaret Thatcher, Conservative MP for Finchley and Friern Barnet, has revisited a Finchley home she opened in 1966.

She was shown around the Rubens Shine Home For Elderly Jewish People, in Ballards Lane, by the home's matron, Mrs Eva Pitchford.

Mrs Pitchford has been matron since the inauguration in January, 1966. Mrs Thatcher officially opened the home in June that year.

The home has two parts—the Barnett Shine and the John Rubens sections. The first houses 31 elderly people in care and the second has 28 in self-contained flatlets.

Residents range in age from 75 to 96.


Mrs Thatcher praised the running of the home.

“It is always a pleasure visiting the old people because it is such a friendly place. This is the fourth time I have been here,” she said.

Residents have ample opportunity to meet and mix socially. There is a Friendship Club operating every Thursday, for residents and visitors.