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1974 Nov 1 Fr
Margaret Thatcher

Speech to Manchester businessmen

Document type: Speeches, interviews, etc.
Venue: Manchester
Source: Manchester Evening News, 1 November 1974
Journalist: Norman Jackson, Manchester Evening News, reporting
Editorial comments: 1230 onwards.
Importance ranking: Minor
Word count: 220
Themes: Conservatism, Industry, Housing

We will fight for more MPs—Thatcher

The Conservatives will fight back to obtain many more MPs in the North West—because they believe that their policies will eventually win through to the electorate, said Mrs Margaret Thatcher today.

Mrs Thatcher, tipped as the possible first woman leader of the party, said in Manchester today it was “ironic” that in a city like Manchester the Conservatives held only one seat.

“This is a centre of world trade and industry, it is an area which can raise capital for the country to carry on it is the backbone of our prosperity—provided it can still rely on private enterprise.”

She added that private enterprise provided more than 95 per cent of all our exports and also a high level of employment.

In these circumstances it was in the interests of everyone in Britain that private enterprise should be allowed to flourish in the region.

In her role as Shadow Environment Department spokesman she said there was still a tremendous demand for more houses for owner occupiers.

But the private building industry was still in great difficulties and the number of new “starts” in that field recently was the lowest ever.

Mrs Thatcher was speaking at a meeting of Greater Manchester businessmen organised by the Manchester City Conservative Association.