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1974 Oct 3 Th
Margaret Thatcher

Speech in Upminster

Document type: Speeches, interviews, etc.
Venue: Upminster
Source: Conservative Party Archive: CCOPR GE150/74
Editorial comments: Embargoed until 1930 3 October 1974. Press release described as "extract".
Importance ranking: Major
Word count: 399
Themes: General Elections, Housing, Labour Party & socialism, Local government


A new word has reared its ugly head in this election—municipalisation—a polite socialist phrase which means the nationalisation of private homes.

A sustained assault has been launched for some time by the Labour Government and socialist controlled local authorities on England's most cherished castles—private homes.

Mr. Crosland has ear-marked £200 million of the taxpayers' money for the purpose. In addition, ratepayers' money is being used to snap up houses in quiet residential roads.

A “For Sale” notice often means an invitation to the Town Hall to move in. Eventually whole streets could be taken over.

Private residents will be unable to find a buyer when they sell—except the local authority. In many areas this could have a snowball effect. “For a quick sale, try the Town Hall” will be the advice of estate agents.

As a result fewer private homes will come on to the open market in many areas.

It is a disgrace that young couples, armed only with their hard-earned savings, should be forced to compete for a home with the local council, which is there on the doorstep with an open cheque book—and your money. [end p1]

Millions of pounds of public money—taxpayers' and ratepayers'—is being poured away, yet, amazingly, not a single extra housing unit will be built.

The next Conservative Government will no longer use the taxpayers' money for this purpose. Put the houses back on the open market and give home seekers a fair change—at our special maximum 9½%; mortgage.

Give the teachers and others engaged in essential local work a fair chance—offer them some of the homes—at our special 9½%; maximum mortgage.

At a time of stringent economies by individuals, Government and Town Hall must see that the maximum use is made of scarce resources.

While Labour councils wring their hand in London about housing conditions, five socialist-controlled boroughts and the Labour GLC have squabbled for two years while 5,000 acres of dockland lie idle. The next Conservative Government will get the builders on the site and the houses built.—both for council tenants and to buy.

Let existing owner-occupiers and potential home owners be under no illusion in these remaining days before October 10th.

The creeper on the wall is not ivy—but creeping socialism.

Our aim is to keep Whitehall and the Town Hall out of your hall.