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1973 Dec 7 Fr
Margaret Thatcher

Speech to Friern Barnet Young Conservatives

Document type: Speeches, interviews, etc.
Venue: The Torrington, North Finchley
Source: Barnet Press, 14 December 1973
Editorial comments: Evening.
Importance ranking: Minor
Word count: 418
Themes: Energy, Strikes & other union action

The few can make us suffer, warns Minister

Shortage of coal for the power stations due to the miners' overtime ban is the most serious problem facing the Government at the moment, said Finchley and Friern Barnet MP Mrs. Margaret Thatcher on Friday.

And she stressed: “Keep go-slows and strikes by the few and many will suffer. End go-slows and strikes by the few and many will prosper.”

Education Minister Mrs. Thatcher was speaking at the 25th anniversary celebrations of the Friern Barnet Young Conservatives in The Torrington, North Finchley.

And she continued: “Publicity has concentrated on the difficulty of obtaining petrol and the problems of oil supply. If we could get 100 per cent. of our normal winter coal output, we could cope with a reduction in oil supplies. And if we can't, the whole nation will suffer.”

The evening was organised by Contact, a group formed in 1967 to keep in touch with past members of the Young Conservatives in the constituency. Their chairman. Mr. Ron Thurlow, welcomed Mrs. Thatcher and presented her with an inscribed silver paper knife to mark the Young Conservatives' silver anniversary.

Mr. Ron Thurlow added that there were seven vice presidents of the Friern Barnet Young Conservatives present, including Mrs. Peggy Haverly, a founder member, eight past chairmen and also Mr. Peter Neal, of Totteridge, who was a member of the Junior Imperial League, the predecessor of the Young Conservative movement.

Mr. Thurlow also thanked the three lady founder-members of Contact who were responsible for the evening's arrangements. These were secretary Mrs Cara Salmon; Mrs. Ann Alexander and Mrs. Sue Thurlow.

A single rose was also presented to each of the 12 ladies who were present at the first Friern Barnet Young Conservatives' dinner-dance held 10 years ago.

After the dinner Mr. Robin Alexander, president of the Friern Barnet Young Conservatives, proposed a toast to the branch to which Mr. Ian Gow. the chairman, responded.

Dancing continued during the evening to the music of the Malaga Three with special guest singer Paul Dardis.

The toastmaster was Mr. Bryan McCash who was congratulated on his recent engagement to Miss Linda Poole.