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1973 Nov 9 Fr
Margaret Thatcher

Speech in Finchley (Golf Club annual dinner)

Document type: Speeches, interviews, etc.
Venue: Holiday Inn, Swiss Cottage, North London
Source: Barnet Press, 16 November 1973
Editorial comments: Evening.
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‘Inflation’ boom at the friendly club

Inflation may not be such a bad thing after all, said Mrs. Margaret Thatcher, Minister for Education and MP for Finchley and Friern Barnet, on Friday evening. But Mrs. Thatcher was not referring to the Government's policy but to the rapid rise in membership of the Finchley Golf Club.

Speaking at the club's annual dinner at the Holiday Inn, Swiss Cottage, Mrs. Thatcher went on to say amid laughter, “Perhaps I had better not say you've never had it so good!”

Referring to last week's four by-elections. Mrs. Thatcher commented that the Government had played four rounds of golf, winning two and losing another when the ball stopped on the lip of the hole at Berwick.

Responding to the toast of the guests. Mrs. Thatcher said Finchley Golf Club was a very friendly club and it was always a pleasure to attend their functions and meet so many old friends.

“I am particularly glad to hear of the success of the cadet section and must congratulate the club on encouraging youngsters to take up this splendid game.” Mrs. Thatcher concluded.

The Mayor of Barnet, Cr. Frank Gibson, proposed the toast to the club and said that 12 years ago he had the pleasure of proposing the same toast when he was Mayor of Finchley.

“Since then you have gone from strength to strength. I see that your captain is an accountant, which stands for honesty. I also notice your secretary is named Fidler—a rather interesting position,” the mayor said amid laughter from the 250 members and guests.

The mayor went on to say that Finchley Golf Club plays a vital part in the character of the borough and he was pleased to hear that it is planned to replant many of the trees which have had to be destroyed recently through disease.

Club captain Mr. J. R. Harker replied. He said the membership had reached 500—a record. We are involved in many expensive improvements to the course,” Mr. Harker reported. “We have applied for planning permission to build houses for the staff and to improve the clubhouse. I hope Barnet Council will be sympathetic to our requests.”

Referring to the cadet section, Mr. Harker said it was most encouraging to see the number of young players making their mark.

He thanked the organising committee and secretary Mr. E. W. Fidler for organising the dinner at this new venue. “This is the largest number we have ever had at our annual function and proves once again the friendly spirit which exists in the club.”

Mr. J. G. W. Tilby, president of the club, proposed the loyal toast and the speeches ended with some humorous anecdotes from comedian Cardew Robinson, who has recently joined the club.