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1971 Jun 11 Fr
Margaret Thatcher

Written Statement urging entry into the Common Market

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Source: Finchley Times, 11 June 1971
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Common Market—Yes or No?

As Negotiations reach their peak and argument rages for and against Britain joining the Six, the Times series of newspapers asked the MPs covering the constituencies in our circulation area to give a lead.

MR. PETER THOMAS, MP for Hendon South; who also is chairman of the Conservative Party and, as Secretary for Wales, a member of the Cabinet, is FOR entry.

He said: “I favour our entry on the right terms, because I am convinced that it would make a major contribution to our prosperity and security. All our efforts in the negotiations are directed towards reducing the short-term disadvantages of entry, in order to ensure that we reap the long-term benefits.”

Mr. Thomas is convinced that there should not be a referendum—that MPs are elected to give a lead.

In Hendon North. MR JOHN GORST remains undecided. He said: “I am keeping an open mind until the terms are presented to Parliament.”


Earlier this year Mr Gorst asked constituents to tell him their views on the question.

“Almost all the letters I have received are from those who are militantly opposed to Britain's entry,” he said.

“At constituency meetings, large and small, the vote has tended to be against the Market, but I am sure that until the Government presents a case for entry the anti-Common Marketeers will continue to hold sway.”

MRS MARGARET THATCHER, Finchley's MP and Minister of Education, is in favour of entry. “In the long term it would be in the best interests of the country if we have a successful conclusion to negotiations,” she said.