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1971 Mar 17 We
Margaret Thatcher

Speech opening building at Enfield College of Technology

Document type: Speeches, interviews, etc.
Venue: Enfield, North London
Source: Liverpool Daily Post, 18 March 1971
Editorial comments: Exact time unknown. MT was shouted down by student protesters and forced to abandon her speech, no part of which is reported. This was the most virulent demonstration against her to date, though see Speech at Coventry Polytechnic designation service. Transcript of an article originally published in the The Liverpool Daily Post on 18 March 1971 and reproduced by kind permission of The Liverpool Daily Post and Echo.
Importance ranking: Major
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Thatcher shouted down by students

Secretary for Education, Mrs Margaret Thatcher, was shouted down by a group of students when she went to Enfield College of Technology in London yesterday to open a £300,000 tutorial block.

The opening ceremony had to be abandoned after a few minutes.

Mrs Thatcher was unable to make herself heard above the noise of forty chanting students, who had gatecrashed the main hall of the Roberts Building.

The students said that money spent on the opening ceremony would have been better spent on books for the library.