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1971 Mar 5 Fr
Margaret Thatcher

Speech to Finchley Conservatives (North Ward AGM)

Document type: Speeches, interviews, etc.
Venue: Finchley
Source: Finchley Press, 12 March 1971
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Themes: Monetary policy, Pay, Taxation, Foreign policy (USA), Trade union law reform

Government are determined, says Mrs. Thatcher

Finchley's M.P., Mrs. Margaret Thatcher, Secretary of State for Education and Science, speaking at a well-attended annual meeting of the North Ward branch of the Finchley and Friern Barnet Conservative Association in Friern Barnet Town Hall on Friday, said that all were agreed that the present inflation was of the cost-push variety caused by too highly rising wages and salaries. She spoke of the Government's determination in their struggle to slow both these and the consequent rising prices.

In the Industrial Relations Bill, now being debated. Mrs Thatcher said it had been badly misrepresented and was little understood by many of those who opposed it so violently. She felt sure that certain clauses such as the cooling-off period and the secret ballot would benefit the majority of union members. Those who wished to remain at work to earn their money would find that the Bill helped them to do so.

Encouraging Signs

She spoke also of overseas affairs and the encouraging signs of a better relationship with America. In Europe she found that the other countries, in such ways as technical co-operation, regarded this country with respect and looked to us for a lead. Of the coming Budget she said that one of the benefits not yet felt was the cut in income tax.

Afterwards Mrs. Thatcher answered a wide range of questions.

In the absence of the president, Ald. W. H. Tangye, through illness, the chairman, Mr. L. A. V. Juniper, presided. He spoke about the re-drawing of the ward boundaries and welcomed those, who as a result, had joined the membership and the committee.

Constant Need

Thanking those who had answered his appeal for help in the three elections held last year, he said the work involved was heavy. It included addressing 10,000 poll cards and making more than 20,000 deliveries. He stressed the constant need for new helpers in the ward to replace the inevitable wastage. He appealed also for a big increase in membership to enable the ward to fulfil their obligations towards the expenses of the constituency.

These expenses were becoming heavier owing to inflation, he said, and he hoped members would be able to increase their subscriptions to help balance the books.

The Young Conservatives' representatives were highly praised as was the women's committee comprising Mrs. Golton, Mrs. Creek, Mrs. Joyce, Mrs. Hart and Mrs. Holdrup under the chairmanship of Mrs. Edna Juniper. The outstanding efforts of the members of this committee in their popular fund-raising social events were underlined by the fact that £100 was donated to the General Election expenses and £150 to the Finchley division. This help was of key importance to the ward finances.

All the association officers were re-elected.

Refreshments were provided by the women's committee.