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1972 Apr 28 Fr
Margaret Thatcher

Speech opening Bellevue Girls Grammar School

Document type: Speeches, interviews, etc.
Venue: Bradford
Source: (1) Yorkshire Post, 29 April 1972 (2) Bradford Telegraph and Argus, 29 April 1972
Editorial comments: Available on CD-ROM only. MT also visited Bradford Technical College of which Bradford Telegraph and Argus, 28 April 1972, carries an account. MT commented: "I have been most impressed with everything I have seen at the college. I have not seen such a varied one as this. It is outstanding in every sense of the word". Students at the college attempted to present her with an "honorary degree of butchery in higher education and callousness towards children" but the document "was seized by a member of the official party". Later she had lunch at Bradford City Hall where she was met by a peaceful demonstration from REMAC, an organisation campaigning for the repeal of the Education (Milk) Act. Reproduced by kind permission of the Telegraph and Argus, Bradford.
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