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1974 Feb 19 Tu
Margaret Thatcher

Remarks on teachers’ pay

Document type: Speeches, interviews, etc.
Document kind: Remarks
Venue: Unknown
Source: The Times, 20 February 1974
Journalist: Christopher Walker, The Times, reporting
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Themes: Education, Pay

Mr. Whitelaw criticizes ‘social contract’ claim

From Christopher Walker Huddersfield, Feb 19

Mr. Whitelaw, the Secretary of State for Employment, tonight launched an attack on Mr. Wilson 's recent claim to have negotiated a social contract with the trade unions to restrain wage increases.

Speaking in Huddersfield, Mr. Whitelaw argued that it was clear from the remarks of Mr. Hugh Scanlon on television that no bargain had been struck between the Trades Union Congress and the Labour Party about future wage restraints. “The fact is that in the difficult and dangerous situation which our country now faces, the Labour Party is prepared to abandon a working incomes and prices policy backed up by the force of law and all that Mr. Wilson offers in its place is an agreement which clearly does not exist.”

Mr. Chataway, Minister for Industrial Development, criticized Mr. Healey for saying that if Labour won, the country could be back on full-time working within three days. “It is probably the most breathtakingly irresponsible promise yet made by Labour” , Mr. Chataway said.

Mrs. Thatcher, Secretary of State for Education, said yesterday that although the National Union of Teachers had already accepted a pay award under Phase Three, its case had been referred to the Pay Board on the issue of relativities. The board was considering the teachers' case, and a report had been promised to the Government by June.