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1972 Jul 7 Fr
Margaret Thatcher

Speech at Sheffield High School Speech Day

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Document kind: Speech
Venue: Sheffield City Hall, Sheffield
Source: Sheffield Star, 8 July 1972
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Mrs Thatcher gives protesters the slip

Education Secretary Mrs. Margaret Thatcher gave demonstrators the slip when she arrived at the Henry Fanshawe School, Dronfield, yesterday, to open new extensions.

Demonstrators were ready three hours before Mrs. Thatcher arrived but they had to leave their protest spot for 15 minutes to pick up placards—and the Minister slipped in while they were away.

The protesters, from the Dronfield Tenants and Residents Association wanted her to know they opposed the Government's Housing Finance Bill.

The small band of objectors waved their placards outside a school window while Mrs. Thatcher had lunch.

And when she left the school they added a little heckling to her departure.


The “Three I's” were commended by Mrs. Thatcher when she spoke later at Sheffield High School.

“I hope you will use the independence, initiative and inspiration, you have learned from this school to the great benefit of the community,” she told girls at the school's prize-giving, at the City Hall.

Mrs. Thatcher also defended independence in the education system—including direct grant schools like the Girls High School.

Headmistress Miss M. C. Lutz reporting on academic successes said that last year almost twice as many girls gained excellent A level passes as 10 years ago, and the number going to university had increased from 13 to 47.