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1970 Jun 19 Fr
Margaret Thatcher

Speech on being re-elected MP for Finchley

Document type: Speeches, interviews, etc.
Document kind: Speech
Venue: Hendon College of Technology, Hendon
Source: Finchley Press, 26 June 1970
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Themes: Conservative Party (organization), General Elections

Tory cheers as Mrs. Thatcher wins

The result in Finchley was announced about 12.15 p.m. by the returning officer, Cr. E. A. Asker, the Mayor of Barnet. As he read the figures polled for the Labour and Liberal candidates there was silence in the packed hall but he was cut off in mid-sentence by a tremendous cheer as he announced Mrs. Thatcher's votes.

Mrs. Thatcher was obviously in a buoyant mood as she thanked her party workers, the mayor and his election staff.

“We have had one of the nicest, smoothest campaigns ever,” she said “The Conservative Party has tremendous inner strength and loyalty which carries on whatever happens and always brings us back to government.

Finally she had a word of advice for her opponents: “If you want to win, do go away from Finchley,” she said.

Labour comment

Mr. M. L. Freeman, the Labour candidate said: “We have found new grass roots here in Finchley and we are going to nourish them and in the next General Election get a far better turnout than we did this time.”

Mr. G. Mitchell, the Liberal candidate, stated: “It has been a disappointing result for us. But we have a strong, lively team and we are already building up for next time.”

Voting figures in Finchley were:— Mrs. M. Thatcher (Con.) …   . 25,480 Mr. M. L. Freeman (Lab.) …   . 14,295 Mr. G. Mitchell (Lib). 7.614 Con. majority .. 11,185 Poll: 65.6 per cent.