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1969 Jul 16 We
Margaret Thatcher

Speech opening Finchley Housing Trust Home

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Venue: 102 Hendon Lane, Church End, Finchley
Editorial comments: 2000. See Finchley Press, 25 July 1969. Finchley Council of Churches Housing Trust was providing low-rent accommodation for the elderly with the help of a 30-year fixed interest loan from the Borough of Barnet. "Mrs Margaret Thatcher recalled the bazaar she opened at the Church End Congregational Church Hall in 1967 to start the fund for the home. She said the housing trust must have been very lucky to have had such a co-operative bank manager in these days of credit squeeze. "Housing is a considerable problem, particularly for the elderly, and it is good to hear of a local authority and churches working in partnership to provide such a splendid home".
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