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1969 May 28 We
Margaret Thatcher

Remarks at Finchley Chamber of Commerce

Document type: Speeches, interviews, etc.
Venue: Town Hall, Hendon
Editorial comments: 1830. See Finchley Press, 6 June 1969. MT unveiled the new emblem of the Finchley and Whetstone Chamber of Commerce. "She was not at first certain what it really symbolised. "At first glance I thought it was the scales of justice but then I realised the Chamber of Commerce was really up-to-date and it must be Apollo 9 and Apollo 10 landing on top of one another after their trip to the moon," joked Mrs Thatcher. She congratulated Mr. Donald Wood [designer] on his work, particularly the attractive colour scheme of red and black and hoped the new emblem would be widely used by members to show the public where the best value for money could be obtained".
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