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1969 Mar 10 Mo
Margaret Thatcher

Speech in San Francisco

Document type: Speeches, interviews, etc.
Venue: The Mark Hopkins, San Francisco
Editorial comments: Evening. The Frances Moffat society column in the San Francisco Chronicle, 10 March 1969, noted that MT would address the San Francisco membership of the English-Speaking Union on "Preparing for the future - Britain and America". MT visited the USA from 2 March to 31 March 1969 on a speaking tour sponsored by the English-Speaking Union. Her itinerary included New York (2-3 March), Chicago (4 March), St Louis (5 March), Kansas (6-7 March), San Francisco (8-10 March), Los Angeles (11 March), New Orleans (12-13 March), Palm Beach (14-17 March), Atlanta (18 March), Birmingham, Alabama (19 March), Nashville (20 March), Louisville (21-22 March), Indianapolis (23-24 March), Washington DC (25-26 March), Baltimore (27 March), and Philadelphia (28-30 March).
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