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1969 Jan 3 Fr
Margaret Thatcher

New Year Message for Finchley Press

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Source: Finchley Press, 3 January 1969
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Themes: Economy (general discussions), Foreign policy (general discussions), Foreign policy (Middle East), Foreign policy (USA), Society

The Year 1969 will be an anxious year. The amount of strife in the world may increase. There are signs of a build-up of forces in the Mediterranean and throughout the Middle East.

A new President of the Richard NixonU.S.A. takes office in January. Advantage may be taken of the uncertainties created by the change to test his determination, as President Kennedy 's was tested during the early months of his administration.

Because we are a peace-loving nation and have an almost inexhaustible fund of goodwill we find it difficult to believe that all others are not the same. It comes as a shock to us that force can still be used to impose the ideas of one nation on another.

At home two things are happening. First, for the fifth year in succession we have failed to make ends meet; we cannot go on indefinitely being a debtor nation.

Second our institutions and organisations are becoming so big that we begin to wonder whether there is still room for the individual, his family, their hopes and aspirations. The answer must be “yes.”

Society does not exist for systems and institutions, but for people. 1969 will be a year of anxiety, a year which will need men and women of steadfast faith and no mean ability.