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Margaret Thatcher

Speech to Taunton Conservatives

Document type: Speeches, interviews, etc.
Venue: Taunton, Somerset
Source: Somerset County Gazette, 28 April 1967
Editorial comments: Lunch. The article is summarised, but quotations from MT are given in full.
Importance ranking: Minor
Word count: 290
Themes: Defence (general), Economy (general discussions), European Union (general), Labour Party & socialism, Social security & welfare

Finchley MP speaks at Tory Club

Editor's summary of article; all quotes from MT given in full. MT called herself a “Common Marketeer” , in a speech at a Conservative Luncheon Club in Taunton on Friday. She said that quite apart from trade and business factors, she backed entry because an intregrated Europe was less likely to be involved in a third world war.

MT commented that the recent County Council elections seemed to have demoralised the Labour Government. The elections showed the need for their own party to keep its organisation at top pitch.

“In a country like ours there are always economic problems” , MT remarked. “We had during out thirteen years in office and we started with one. During those years, however, we went ahead at a steady expansion rate of two and a half per cent and in the last nine years it had risen to three per cent. The Labour Government have been in office for nearly three years and still had problems. After talking about a six per cent expansion, they were now aiming at three per cent, which we had already achieved” .

There had been no pension increases for two years and the purchasing power of the pension was falling. The Conservatives had “upped” pension rates five times and ensured that older people paid less tax.