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1966 Dec 23 Fr
Margaret Thatcher

Christmas Message

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Source: Finchley Press, 23 December 1966
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‘A lot to be thankful for’

—Mrs. Margaret Thatcher, M.P. for the Division

Once more we are busily involved in getting ready for Christmas.

Cards have to be sent, gifts chosen for family and friends, and plans made for the feast of the year—Christmas dinner. But the spirit of Christmas means so much more than these outward signs.

A few days ago I went on my annual Christmas visit to some of our elderly folk who are housebound. It is always a pleasure to see them for they show exceptional courage and kindness and have learned what really matters in life. One remark made during the day impressed itself on me particularly— “I've a lot to be thankful for” . This came from a lady eighty-eight years of age who was crippled with arthritis and had been bedridden for thirty years. Her face shone as she spoke of the devotion with which her husband, now ninety years old, had looked after her and of the good sons she had. If she could count her blessings, how much more should we this Christmastide.

The gifts that we would all wish to bestow are not the kind that can be wrapped in parcels, trimmed with decorations and sent through the post. They are good health, the love and loyalty of family and friends, a happy home and plenty of work to do. Many of us have these very things. Let us not take them for granted but use them to help others less fortunate.

My husband and I and our children will be having a traditional Christmas at home. We send our best wishes for a wonderful Christmas and a peaceful New Year.