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1966 Jul 9 Sa
Margaret Thatcher

Speech opening Finchley Christian Bookshop

Document type: Speeches, interviews, etc.
Document kind: Speech
Venue: Vellore House, Church End, Finchley
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Editorial comments: 1100. See Finchley Press, 15 July 1966. Arcot Books was opening at Vellore House, headquarters of the inter-denominational Friends of Vellore, a Christian medical college in India. MT "referred to Finchley as being in the forefront in ecumenical matters. Defining happiness, she said it was not to be found just in leisure, or in recreation, but in the experience of fulfilment which came in the service of others. Browsing in a bookshop of this kind, with its very appropriate headquarters, was something to which to look forward. Before announcing the shop open, Mrs Thatcher suggested that a signpost be put on the main road, as the building might be difficult for newcomers to find".
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Themes: Religion & morality