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1966 Mar 18 Fr
Margaret Thatcher

Interview for Daily Telegraph (weekend magazine)

Document type: Speeches, interviews, etc.
Document kind: Interview
Venue: Unknown
Source: Daily Telegraph, 18 March 1966
Journalist: Jill Tweedie, Daily Telegraph
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Importance ranking: Major
Word count: 1691
Themes: Autobiographical comments, Autobiography (marriage & children), Parliament, General Elections, Women
MT quotes extracted from the article. (The article does little to place the quotes in context.)

“That's one of the first things you learn, to organise your time to the nth degree. Parkinson's Law, work stretches over the time you have … very true. Now that the children are at boarding schools and we've moved into town, things are easier. But I make a point of getting along on all speech days and visiting days.

“I've got a housekeeper but I still do the cooking myself … rush in, peel the vegetables, put the roast in … all before I take off my hat. There are all sorts of minor emergencies to cope with, things women at home all day build up into mountains. But a job, outside interests, keep these emergencies firmly in proportion.

“One has to think about one's appearance, but it's difficult with so little time. I make time for the hairdresser … I feel depressed when I look awful. Clothes? One has to make quick decisions again. Hard, but probably in the right proportion.”