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1965 Dec 23 Th
Margaret Thatcher

Christmas Message

Document type: Speeches, interviews, etc.
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Source: Finchley Press, 23 December 1965
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Themes: Family, Religion & morality

A Christmas Message from Mrs. Thatcher

I am grateful to the Finchley Press for giving me the opportunity of sending a message of goodwill to our readers.

We look forward to Christmas more than any other time of the year because Christmas is the festival in which family live takes on a special significance and when we learn a new great joy which comes from giving pleasure to others. Outwardly it is a season of gifts, decorations and good food. Inwardly it is a time from which we draw fresh inspiration to take us through the year ahead. Denis ThatcherMy husband and our children Mark ThatcherMark and Carol ThatcherCarol join me in wishing you a happy Christmas and a good new year. Margaret Thatcher House of Commons.