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1965 May 21 Fr
Margaret Thatcher

Speech to Reading Conservative Women

Document type: Speeches, interviews, etc.
Document kind: Speech
Venue: The Upper Deck, Reading, Berkshire
Source: Reading Chronicle, 28 May 1965
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Editorial comments: Lunch. The article has been summarised, but all of MT’s quoted words are included..
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Themes: Conservative Party (organization), Economy (general discussions), Education, Labour Party & socialism, Leadership, Media

Tories back in power by autumn?

Editor's summary; MT quotes included in full: MT asserted that the British people may have been bewitched by Mr. Harold Wilson, but since he became PM he had revealed himself to them in his true colours. She was speaking at a Reading Conservative Association's Ladies' lunch at The Upper Deck, Reading on Friday. Audience of around 100.

“Mr. Wilson carried out an advertising campaign on himself,” MT said. “I feel he would be better fitted as an advertising man instead of Prime Minister of this country. There is more to his job than running publicity campaigns and winning Oscars on television. This is at last being generally realised, and people are seeing the contrast between the leaders of the two parties.”

The good local election results had made morale on the Opposition side extremely high. “Everybody is saying that we are going to be the Government by the autumn,” .

Labour morale was low. MT urged that the constituencies would be even more important during the summer recess because while the House was sitting, members maintained a steady flow of criticism of the Government.

“When they are not sitting, it's up to the M.P.s on their own to keep pointing out where the Government goes wrong, and up to the constituencies to back them up, particularly during the recess.”

The Socialist Party, MT asserted, knew nothing about trade. What they did know had come from reading books. “Every Labour Government we have had has foundered on money and they have always succeeded in running out of other people's money. Their policy usually consists of dissipating the reserves others have built up.

“As to education, the Tories have always encouraged educational talents in this country. Abraham Lincoln once said that you will only strengthen the weak by weakening the strong. We were content to strengthen the strong to help the weak,” MT concluded.

Mr. Peter Emery, M.P. for Reading, proposed a vote of thanks to Mrs. Thatcher. He restated his view that it was largely thanks to the efforts of the women that he had won the seat.