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1965 May 7 Fr
Margaret Thatcher

Interview for Finchley Press (Gerald Brooke)

Document type: Speeches, interviews, etc.
Document kind: Interview
Venue: Unknown
Source: Finchley Press, 7 May 1965
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Themes: Civil liberties, Foreign policy (USSR & successor states)

Member of Parliament Acts as man is held by Russians

A young married couple living at 65 Highwood Avenue, North Finchley have become the centre of national news after their arrest and detention in Moscow where they were on holiday. They are 26 year-old lecturer Gerald Brooke and his pretty wife 24 year-old Barbara.

The two were detained by the Soviet Police where they were visiting a [illegible word] family in their Moscow flat. Mrs Brooke was questioned all night and later released, but her husband is still being held in prison.

No direct charges have been made against Mr. Brooke as a danger to Russia—he is alleged to have disseminated anti-Soviet literature.

This week Mrs. Margaret Thatcher, Member of Parliament for Finchley & Friern Barnet stepped into the fight to try to help her constituent.

She has put down a motion to make the strongest protest to Russia over the arrest of Mr. Brooke. “You could not have a person held in custody like this and nothing done about it,” she told the Finchley Press.

Everything I Can

“I am doing everything I can to try to help Mr. Brooke, but you know how difficult it is when the Russians have, in fact, got this man. I am hoping the motion will be backed by all parties. To hold a person without him seeing anyone from his own country or his wife is appalling.”

The motion asked the Government to re-consider cultural exchanges against the Russians' flagrant violation of accepted international practice.

On Tuesday the British Embassy in Moscow demanded that its Consul should be allowed to see Mr. Brooke.

At the time of the arrest Mr. Brooke was leading a party of British school teachers.