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1968 Dec 5 Th
Margaret Thatcher

Speech to Coventry Conservative Women

Document type: Speeches, interviews, etc.
Document kind: Speech
Venue: Coventry
Source: Birmingham Post, 6 December 1968
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Themes: Economy (general discussions), Labour Party & socialism

Consensus of anxiety in country—MP

Mrs. Margaret Thatcher, Shadow Minister of Transport, told Coventry Ladies' Conservative Association yesterday that there was now a consensus of anxiety in the country brought about by the Government's incompetence in handling economic affairs.

There was now a continual state of crisis which, far from being abnormal, was becoming accepted as the normal thing. “Only a few years ago if I had been asked whether it was possible to have this amount of squeeze and taxation and still be in debt I would have said it would have taken a Government of madmen to do it. Yet this is what has happened,” she said.

The prospective Tory candidates for Coventry East, Mr. Maurice Jones, of Wolverhampton, and for Coventry South, Mr. George Gardner, were introduced at the meeting.