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1967 Jun 6 Tu
Margaret Thatcher

Speech at Conservative Women’s Conference

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Document kind: Speech
Venue: Royal Festival Hall, South Bank, central London
Source: Birmingham Post, 8 June 1967
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Themes: Taxation, Housing

Repeal of Land Act promised by Tories

The Conservatives when returned to power would repeal the Land Commission Act, Mrs. Margaret Thatcher, MP (Con.—Finchley), said at the women Conservatives' conference in London yesterday.

She said that the Act represented another threat to owner-occupiers. The levy was a tax on modernisation, and it was absurd to put an extra tax on something which would increase the wealth of Britain.

Mrs. D. H. Field, of Stafford and Stone, condemned the Act as “the most disgraceful, dangerous and foolish” piece of legislation ever to go on the Statute Book.

She proposed a resolution, which was passed, deploring the Act and supporting the pledge made by Mr. Heath to repeal it.

‘Power to rob’

Mrs. Field said that the Act was disgraceful because it gave the power to rob and they were defenceless against its power.

“It is foolish, because, far strikes at the very heart of our society, our home, our individual stake in our country,” she said. “It is a threat to every houseowner and landowner.

“It is foolish, because, far from reducing the cost of homes and housing, it is likely to increase it.”

Miss Mervyn Pike, MP (Con.—Melton), said that hospital sweepstakes and social security workshops were ways in which the welfare services could be improved.

The conference urged overhaul of the welfare services to give priority to those in genuine need.