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1967 May 4 Th
Margaret Thatcher

Speech to Finchley Conservative Women

Document type: Speeches, interviews, etc.
Venue: Alexandra Palace, North London
Source: Finchley Times, 12 May 1967
Editorial comments: Selwyn Lloyd was the guest speaker. MT responded to the toast.
Importance ranking: Minor
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Themes: Industry, Local elections, Labour Party & socialism

Sponge cake in the House

Four major tasks which lie before the Conservative Party today were itemised by the Rt. Hon. Selwyn Lloyd, when he spoke to the Finchley and Friern Barnet Conservative Association's Women's Advisory Committee at their luncheon last week at Alexandra Palace.

“Our first task is to debunk the Socialists,” he said, “Then we must re-state our own principles, reconsider and re-examine our policies and refurbish our organisation.”

He likened the Conservatives' fight to regain power to a boxing match, taking each month as a round. “We have won March and April with the by-elections and the Greater London Council Elections and I am hopeful we shall win the round this month.

“Elections are not only won on the television screen, in parliament or the newspapers, the important, part is individuals going about their daily life and telling people, in their own way, their politics” he said.

He then compared the way the Socialists had dealt with such problems as unemployment, housing, education, taxation and foreign policy. He said that his philosophy is that the “longer the Socialists stay in power, and deal with these problems the way they have been doing, the better the Conservative's record of dealing with these matters will sound.


“I think it all really depends on faith in Britain, not as she used to be exercising sovereignty over half the world, but as a country still capable of world standing as long as we believe in ourselves,” ended Mr. Lloyd.

Coming so soon after the Conservative victory in the GLC elections the luncheon was somewhat of a celebration for this victory, and Mrs. Thatcher lost no time in congratulating GLC Councillor for Barnet, Miss Jean Scott on her return to County Hall.

“The reason for this great victory was, that whatever has happened over the last two years all our supporters have kept loyal, and this loyalty has been a powerful force,” said Mrs. Thatcher.

“Ultimately people will see through Socialist policies and Socialist leaders. Many of these people are becoming sympathetic towards the Conservative party, but have not yet joined us, we must send them the message to join us” she urged. [end p1]

To the great amusement of all the members and guests Mrs. Thatcher described how the House discussed the recipes of two well-known brands of jam sponge cake. This discussion, she said, illustrated how pernickety the Socialists were, and proved they were not the sort of Government Britain needed.

Speaking about the profit motive she said that the Conservative party were not afraid to encourage able people to prosper. “We believe is strong companies beside the Government being strong.”