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Margaret Thatcher

Christmas Message

Document type: Speeches, interviews, etc.
Source: Finchley Press, 24 December 1964
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Christmas, it seems to me, has come upon us all of a sudden this year. Perhaps this is because the past months have been specially busy and in the House of Commons the daily round is much the same regardless of the season. A stranger would see no outward sign of the festive season but the keen observer would detect one or two unusual things.

Rather gay boxes of chocolates are on sale in the cafeterias and large white envelopes containing the official House of Commons Christmas card are everywhere. It is such an “un-Christmassy” card this year but we have no choice for one design only is printed each year and it is selected by a committee!

Beyond the precincts of Parliament all is bustle and gaiety as more and more elaborate preparations are made for our enjoyment. And yet the things that remain with one throughout the years are those which have a deeper significance than Christmas lights or decorations.

There can be few people who are not moved wherever the beautiful carol Silent Night, Holy Night is sung. All who have occasion to see cases of human tragedy and greed, appreciate more perfectly than before the value of the things which no amount of money can buy. Good health, the ability to see and hear the beauties of nature, the love and warmth of the family circle, the goodwill and loyalty of friends. A Christmas stocking full of these would indeed contain pearls beyond price.

My husband and I send greetings for a happy Christmas and a peaceful and good New Year.