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1964 Oct 9 Fr
Margaret Thatcher

Article for Finchley Press

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Source: Finchley Press, 9 October 1964
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Peace and Steady Progress

—Mrs. Margaret Thatcher, Conservative

Peace and Steady progress are the aims of most of our people in Britain today. Both have been achieved in the past 13 years of Conservative Government. We now hope to continue the policies that have been shown to work, using all that is good from the past to create a future that is better.

Working For Peace Abroad

Our policy of peace through strength has brought Britain safely through the years of tension and danger. It provides a realistic basis for better relations between East and West. It keeps this country at the centre of international affairs.

We do not know what Communist strategy will be in the coming years or what sort of people will direct it. We do know that Russia and China remain committed to the long-term aim of promoting the Communist system throughout the World although they disagree on how it should be done.

In the last resort Conservatives believe that Britain must have independently controlled nuclear power to deter any aggressor who was prepared to take a chance on our being left alone. We believe that to do otherwise would be to gamble with national safety and with our cherished liberties.

Steady Advance At Home

We justify our claim to support in the future by the facts of our improved standard of living at home which every fair-minded person must admit.

Everyone can see the advance in the health of the children, in the service of education, in the provision of houses, in the amenities of life and the opportunities which are now within the reach of all. Millions now own their own homes and have a stake in industry. These improvements have been made possible by the performance of private enterprise and by a Government that has created conditions in which men and women of ability can exercise their talents for their own and their country's benefit.

The Purpose

John Boyd-CarpenterThe Minister of Pensions and National Insurance now has a larger call on the citizen's purse than any other department except Defence. Annual expenditure on retirement pensions alone has risen fourfold under Conservative Governments from £250 million to £1,000 million. We shall continue to use the growth of prosperity to enlarge opportunities for the young and to provide more generously for the old.