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1964 Oct 6 Tu
Margaret Thatcher

Speech in Hampstead

Document type: Speeches, interviews, etc.
Venue: The Institute, Hampstead Garden Suburb
Editorial comments: 2000. Notes in the archives of Finchley Conservative Association record that there was an audience of around 120, "(m)ainly Christian". See Bernard Donoughue’s essay on the Finchley campaign (D.E. Butler and Anthony King The British General Election of 1964, pp241-253): "An impressive feature of all meetings was the articulateness and serious interest shown by the Finchley audiences. Almost the only light relief came at a large Tory gathering where the first question was from a lady who wanted to know "why had the Conservative Government done nothing about the lavatories which won’t flush? ... it is not a laughing matter, it is happening all over the country". Mrs Thatcher negotiated this one with great skill and turned eagerly to the next hand raised, only to be asked "What is the purpose of life?" She later remarked, "You must not get the wrong impression of us; after all, this is Hampstead Garden Suburb" " (p250).
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